Christian metallers Living Sacrifice have roared back into our lives this holiday season with the video for 'Overkill Exposure.' It's a visually violent clip, thanks to the way the cameras cut in close on the band as each member pounds away at his instrument.

Director Michael Dalton opened up to Noisecreep about the video's thematic origins of bad begetting bad, saying, "As [vocalist Bruce Fitzhugh] explained 'Overkill Exposure' to me, he wanted to make sure I understood the song dealt with some dark content. The message he was portraying on this song was that the dark/evil things we expose ourselves to open us up to more darkness and evil ... The more time I spend watching episodes of murder mysteries, the more I will begin to be opened up to the evil in the world around, and even in myself."

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It's an interesting concept, but that's to be expected from a band like Living Sacrifice.

Dalton continued, "When I set out to make this video, I wanted to make sure nothing was pretty and everything had a very eerie feel. What we ended up getting out of that was a story of a man being filled with images of substance abuse, suicide and murder, all heralded in by a raging Living Sacrifice."

The director recommended multiple viewings in order to let the weighty content sink in. He said, "This song hits like a freight train, and the video may require a couple watches to really grasp all of it. But what I hope the viewer walks away with is that we see the lines blurred between fiction and reality for our character -- and that maybe if we look close enough, we can see our media intake doing the same for ourselves. "

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