LIving Sacrifice

Living Sacrifice and War of Ages are going to put their money where their merch is -- literally. The bands, who are heading out on tour together beginning Feb. 5, are donating a portion of the proceeds from their merch sales to the Red Cross' relief efforts for Haiti. "In seeing all the need for Haiti relief, I wanted to do something beyond just a personal donation," Living Sacrifice singer/guitarist Bruce Fitzhugh told Noisecreep.

That's when Fitzhugh took the next step. "So I spoke with Leroy from War of Ages to see if there was something we could do as part of this tour we are doing together in February. Donating part of the merchandise proceeds made the most sense for all of us, so we decided we will make the donation to the Red Cross for Haiti. I am glad to be on a tour with these guys who have a heart to help, and I hope that we will be able to make a significant donation when this tour is done."

Leroy Hamp, vocalist for War of Ages, also told Noisecreep, "After watching the devastation on the news, I quickly jumped at the opportunity to help. Sometimes we've become distracted by our own lives filled with problems that we forget there's others out there who need help as well. I'm really glad that Bruce approached War of Ages about the idea, and I hope the tour's contribution helps!"

So when you head out to the show, be sure and stock up on some merch. It's for a good cause, which is always in fashion.

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