Southern California's hardcore sextet the Great Commission experienced some winter-related road troubles on the aptly-titled Abominable Snow Tour. "We actually ended up spinning out on some black ice," vocalist Justin Singh told Noisecreep. "Our trailer flipped, and our van hit a snowbank."

The band members in the van were unscathed, and the trailer was in obvious need of some repair, but something curious happened -- or didn't happen -- to the band's equipment inside the trailer. "When we opened up the doors, all the equipment was in the exact same spot and nothing was harmed. It was definitely a testimony. Not even to the trailer, not even a scratch. It landed on the snow sideways, but you'd think our merch box would be flipped or something. But it was totally fine."

The tour -- which was with Living Sacrifice and Shai Hulud -- took them around the U.S. during the late-winter months of 2010. Another band on the tour, Lionheart, also got into a similar accident, but like the Great Commission, the results were not tour-ending. The Great Commission did have to sit out two shows in a hotel while they waited for repairs.

"Crazy story, too, about the hotel room," Singh said. "The hotel we actually went to was owned by a Christian family, and they found out we were a ministry band. They noticed that one our guitarists had Jesus plugs, and they were like, 'Oh, are you guys Christians?' We were like, 'Yeah!' And they were like, 'Hey, we want to bless you guys.' So they ended up hooking us up with two rooms for the price of one, for both days."

Singh, speaking for himself and the rest of his bandmates as Christians, attributes their good fortune away from home to the prayers of the faithful. "I know for a fact that when we got into that accident," Singh explained. "We should have gotten hurt, and our trailer and our equipment should've gotten really messed up. But by the grace of God, I believe that the people praying for us back home in Southern California -- and across the United States and across the world -- brought a change that actually saved us and saved our equipment. God put grace on the situation because of those people's prayers."

The Great Commission have a few shows scheduled in April to support their album 'And Every Knee Shall Bow'.

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