Living Sacrifice, who have been thrashing for over twenty years, are returning with a brand new DVD.

'In Finite Live' features a professionally shot and recorded multi-camera performance filmed in Pomona, Calif. The band's set list spans their impressive catalog. Living Sacrifice counts members of groups as diverse as Lamb of God, As I Lay Dying and Demon Hunter, among their fans.

Bonus features on the DVD includes behind-the-scenes mini-documentaries from the making of the two music videos for the band's 2010 "comeback" album, 'The Infinite Order,' as well as six more tracks from another live show in the group's original home area of Little Rock, Ark.

Former and current members of Living Sacrifice went on to join bands such as Evanescence, P.O.D. and Norma Jean. The reunited band's lineup includes band co-founders Bruce Fitzhugh and Lance Garvin as well as lead guitarist Rocky Gray (We Are the Fallen, ex-Evanescence) and bass player Arthur Green, both of whom have played with Living Sacrifice since the band's 2000 album 'The Hammering Process.'

Watch Living Sacrifice's 'Bloodwork (from 'In Finite Live' DVD)' Video

Pre-orders are live now and will ship the week of Dec. 9.

Live at the Glasshouse:

01. 'Bloodwork'

02. 'Imminent War'

03. 'Death Machine'

04. 'Local Vengeance Killing'

05. 'Flatline'

06. 'Rules of Engagement'

07. 'In Christ'

08. 'Symbiotic'

09. 'Reborn Empowered'

10. 'Reject'

Live in Little Rock:

11. 'Nietzsche's Madness'

12. 'They Were One'

13. 'Hand of the Dead'

14. 'Symbiotic'

15. 'Local Vengeance Killing'

16. 'Bloodwork'

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