It's the heavy metal video game that never existed, but should have! For this original clip, we teamed up with the Filthy Frackers to create an 8-bit game trailer for 'The Big Four.'

Imagine slamming this gem into your NES. Our 'Big Four' trailer turns Metallica's 'One,' Slayer's 'Raining Blood,' Megadeth's 'Sweating Bullets' and Anthrax's 'Madhouse' into 8-bit chiptune music. We also took inspiration from each track's music video, so look out for iconic scenes from your favorite thrash clips.

The Filthy Frackers did an amazing job recreating iconic footage from 'Johnny Got His Gun,' which is interwoven into Metallica's 'One' video. Slayer's 'Raining Blood' video is more of your straight-forward band performing on stage clip, but the chiptune re-imagining of Jeff Hanneman's monster lead works frighteningly well in the 8-bit world.

Moving on to Megadeth, the bands video for 'Sweating Bullets' may be the most recognizable of the thrash act's career. Dave Mustaine's descent into madness is captured within 'The Big Four' 8-bit trailer -- not to mention how realistic his face looks.

Finally, we've got Anthrax's off-the-wall 'Madhouse' video. You'll see plenty of your favorite video game characters in this portion of our 'Big Four' medley, all locked inside a psych ward with the members of Anthrax. Make sure you keep an eye out for the Angry Video Game Nerd as well!

Get ready to press start for 'The Big Four' 8-bit video game in the clip above. To check out more work from the phenomenal Filthy Frackers, click here.

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