If the folks at NFL Films had any guts, they'd license out a track from Tiger Flowers. The New York City noise mongers specialize in the kind of music that would fit perfectly with their slow-motion montages of violence and glory. If you dig bands like Jesus Lizard, Helmet and Botch, Tiger Flowers won't let you down. The quartet recently signed with The Path Less Traveled Records and will be issuing a self-titled EP this month.

Earlier this year, Tiger Flowers and their track 'Cuts' appeared on the MetalSucks 'NYC Sucks' digital compilation. A remixed and remastered version of the song will appear on the band's aforementioned EP and Noisecreep is excited to bring you it to you a few days early. Check it out under the cut along with a brief chat with Tiger Flowers vocalist Jesse Madre.

Listen to 'Cuts' From Tiger Flowers

Tell us about 'Cuts' and what inspired its lyrics.

The theme of the whole EP is dealing with loss and moving forward. 'Cuts' is just a story about dealing with it by removing the parts that hold you down, that add weight to you so you can't move through it. For me it was inspired by a terrible relationship but I think you can relate it to other aspects of your life. We've all had something that has held us down, mentally, physically, and 'Cuts' is about releasing that poison, emotions and feelings, that prevent us from getting over it and moving forward. At the end of the day if you don't move forward there ain't really a point in moving at all.

In terms of production, who did you work with on this new EP?

We worked with a friend of ours upstate in Goshen, NY, Mike Kalajian. He has a spot called 30/30 Studio. Dan Miccio [Tiger Flowers drummer] and I had recorded an old band of ours with him and went back for round two with TF.

What's your stance on illegal downloading? Some artists I've talked to in the last year have told me they think the album -- as a format -- is almost obsolete because of it.

Here's my standpoint on it: I don't have a computer, nor have I ever really. So I don't even know where to download shit from. I have an iPhone and I just go to iTunes and pay for that shit. Now, if I had a Mac and was swift with it and knew what the fuck torrents and

dropboxes were, would I just download music? Probably, but if I enjoyed what I heard, I would purchase some form of physical copy. I like to see the artwork that comes with the music. I feel it sets a tone before you even here the record. It adds to the listening experience.

I love liner notes and lyrics. I wanna see and touch all this to have more senses in on what I am feeling. I love that a lot of record labels and bands are putting out digital only and then some sort of vinyl release. Or a vinyl release with a digital download, free with purchase. I think that's great. I guess ultimately I want people to have our music, whether they pay for it or not. As long as they are listening to it they are more likely to come see us play live, so one or another, it's still supporting us. Now with that said, go f---ing buy our CD on the 20th!

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