The Binary Code

On Jan. 6 at Brooklyn, N.Y.'s Knitting Factory, the Binary Code didn't need time to set up their gear. It was already in use by the band before them, Tiger Flowers -- whose van broke down on the way to the show. Yet the Binary Code didn't give the audience a clue that they were starting their set. Instead, they rammed their complex riffage right into our ear drums. Everyone was awarded a proper introduction afterwards.

"We're going across America to California and back," frontman Michael Apprich said to the crowd. Even though the band might be a little nervous about heading out on their first full U.S. tour (I'm assuming that's the case, because there's no way they could not be), they played the best set this writer has ever seen by them. On stage, the band included it's full lineup, plus an additional touring guitarist. His name is Todd Stern, and he plays in a really rad slam band from New Jersey.

A couple songs in, I found myself involuntarily rocking out. I don't know how these guys do it, but they get better with every show. They make techy death metal with emotion (a la Cynic, early Between the Buried and Me and Gojira).

"You guys having a good time? ... good 'cause we got one more song for you," Apprich said, after drummer Umar Said Fahim.

You can catch the Binary Code on the Metal as Art Tour with Revocation and Hypno5e.

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