The Red Chord have been sidelined from a European tour with Rotten Sound and Aborted, due to this pain-in-the-ass volcano! But rather than complain and whine about the situation, the band booked a weekend of shows in the tour's stead.

The band will play the main stage of the New England Metal and Hardcore Fest in Worcester, Mass. this Saturday. This is their fifth appearance on the long-running fest. They will hit Brooklyn on Sunday for an ultra-rare, intimate club date, headlining Public Assembly with Premonitions of War and Tiger Flowers.

"We did everything we could to make it to this European tour with Rotten Sound and Aborted," TRC singer Guy Kozowyk said in a statement. "Unfortunately, our best efforts couldn't get the Red Chord or Those Who Lie Beneath onto the continent until it was far too late. The remainder of the tour is uncertain, but if Rotten Sound and Aborted continue with the rest of it, we strongly advise and appreciate your support of the remaining shows. We will do our best to make up shows before the end of the year and we thank the bands, agents and fans for their patience and understanding during this ridiculous situation."

Bands and fans are quickly learning we are always at the mercy of Mother Nature.

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