Touche Amore

When Touche Amore played Santos Party House in New York City on May 6, they couldn't stop talking about how much they appreciated that Converge took them out on the road. "The guy in the Sepultura shirt said I'm awesome! That rules!" frontman Jeremy Bolm exclaimed while grabbing and shaking the guy in the Sepultura T-shirt.

The melodic hardcore band -- who played after Black Breath and Lewd Acts and right before Converge -- is happy to play any show. It's makes no difference whether it is in a basement or a on a big stage with Converge. It's playing a show that matters. And, of course, having fun, too.

Touche Amore

"This is so f---ing cool. Seriously guys. We never thought we'd be a band that plays a sold out show in New York City." The overjoyed Bolm sounded like he wanted to cry. But I'm pretty sure he was just losing his voice -- which was so raspy someone in the crowd yelled at him, "Drink some water!"

Touche Amore closed their set with 'Honest Sleep.' The band finished playing but Bolm was not done singing. With fans holding him five feet off the ground, he sang the last lines: "I'm losing sleep, I'm losing friends, I've got a love hate love, with the city I'm in, I'll count the hours, having just one wish, if I'm doing fine, there's no point to this."

If you dug other Noisecreep favorites like Khann and Tiger Flowers, you will really dig Touche Amore's 2009 release '... To the Beat of a Dead Horse'. The equally modest Geoff Rickly (Thursday, United Nations) did guest vocals on a track and wrote the band's bio. Canadians can check them out on tour throughout June.

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