California's DNF is a hardcore outfit featuring members of Trash Talk and Touche Amore. Their songs go from grind to sludge in unpredictable turns, mixing the frustrated jams of their own generation with a caustic vibe something like that of early Ringworm. Active since 2007, Hurt is the band's first vinyl offering, and the latest in a handful of split releases from High Anxiety and No Idea Records.

High Anxiety is the new record label run by Chris Colohan (Burning Love, Cursed)and Var Thelin of No Idea. Colohan will primarily be responsible for signing the bands and Thelin will be responsible for organizing the pressings of new records. The first High Anxiety release was in 2008, with nine records having been released to date.

Check out some DNF music at their Bandcamp page.

Hurt track list:

1. Homesick

2. Hunger Pains

3. Hurt

4. Most Few

5. The Blood

6. Timid

7. Virgin

8. Waste

DNF Live

April 27th Los Angeles, CA Self Help Graphics *

* = w/ Weekend Nachos, Lack of Interest, ACxDC