In terms of hardcore, one of many bands' goals is to get something put out on the Jacob Bannon-founded Deathwish/Malfunction label, but Trash Talk were not wanting to call it home, so they left to build their own label, Trash Talk Collective, in 2007. Bassist Spencer Pollard told Noisecreep that there is no mistake about it, running a label is a job.

"The day to day business aspect of running Trash Talk Collective and the band itself is a particularly daunting task if the only internet access you can get is at a fast food restaurant or by parking near a hotel lobby before the show," explained Pollard. Many times the Sacramento outfit have found themselves packing up mail order in the dead space before a show begins. Pollard breathed some fresh air though, as the band has found someone to help with that task.

"It's hard, but it's worth it," he continued. The band just released their third full-length, 'Eyes & Nines,' by their own means. "It's definitely a lot easier to have total control of your releases, but you're also the only one who can be blamed if something goes wrong. You are your own financial backing, so you have to fund the pressing, distribution and any other costs in manufacturing and getting your record out there. Everything that goes in and out of the band's wallet is generated from the band without outside help."

Trash Talk have begun gazing at the idea of releasing records from other bands, but it's still a long-term idea according to Pollard. "It's all kinda up in the air. We need to take care of Trash Talk before we can start taking care of other bands."

Pollard does have a message for any bands that are thinking of starting their own label. "It's important to know that running your own label isn't all fun and games," he admitted. "There's a lot of really hard work that needs to be done constantly, to ensure that everything is being taken care of. If you're starting your own label it's necessary to sit and ask yourself if you really want to take on the responsibility of operating a label. We love it, but it's certainly not for everyone."