Legend has it, every year near Halloween, Gary Holt (Exodus, Slayer), Dave Lombardo (Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies, Misfits) and Derrick Green (Sepultura) join forces as Beloved Ghouls to deliver a crushing new song that's more treat than trick. The ghastly group has bestowed power unto Loudwire to unleash the premiere of the Ross Robinson-produced track, "Terrorized."

This is unhinged, decaying death/thrash that plunges straight into black-hearted goth, bolstered by the haunting bellow of guest singer Touché Amore's Jeremy Bolm. "Terrorized" is a razorwire tightrope where extremity and spooky, Halloween dalliances claw at each other as perfect opposites.

What's even better is that Beloved Ghouls have come together for a charitable cause.

The proceeds from the song, released through I Am Recordings in partnership with SideOneDummy Records, will benefit Save Our Stages, which aims to offer relief to independent music venues as they weather the current shutdown of the touring industry amid the coronavirus pandemic. To donate, head here.

"Beloved Ghouls are all lifers who live to give back to the music that gave us all so much," commented Ross Robinson. "Hopefully this track resonates for you like it did for each of us while making it. Just laughing and being fully stoked while swimming in our thrash metal roots... we are all excited to donate to Save Our Stages, it’s such an important cause. We must work to keep our music venues alive."

Singer Green added, "It brought me an over whelming amount of joy to collaborate with friends and colleagues who I have great admiration for to create such a kick ass song. Truly a remarkable experience that I’m thankful to be a part of."

Listen to "Terrorized" below and follow Beloved Ghouls on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Beloved Ghouls, "Terrorized" Lyrics

Torture tactics “say to me”
No moral code of dignity
Suffering eyes the meek are weak
To Sacrifice a dying breed

Fight for life inside a box
Choked by darken fantasies
The weight is strong the will crack
Numb to pain no turning back

Sinister force of evil betrays the oath of sanity

Terrorize! Terrorize!
Body rotting sacrifice -n looking like yur gonna die
Terrorize! Terrorize!
Do You Hear Me
Terrorize! Terrorize!
I’ll rip your fucking heart out 'n' sodomize your soul

Beloved Ghouls, "Terrorized"

I Am Recordings / SideOneDummy Records
I Am Recordings / SideOneDummy Records

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