Touché Amoré Singer Jeremy Bolm Discusses the Band’s Upcoming ‘Live on BBC Radio 1′ EP (SONG PREMIERE)
Charles Epting Since 2007, Los Angeles-based Touché Amoré has been at the head of the (real) screamo revival; a post-hardcore sensation that thrives due in large part to its charismatic front man, Jeremy Bolm. Last year's Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me album found a spot on countless year-end album lists and Touché Amoré's sweaty live shows are already the stuff of punk legend... Read M
Touche Amore’s New Album Is About Finding ‘Comfort Within Yourself’
Touche Amore are about to start recording their new album, 'Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me,' which will be released by Deathwish. The Los Angeles band -- who infuse post-hardcore with hard-bitten, forceful intensity that the genre hasn't seen in a while -- will head east to Kansas to record with Ed Rose, who has worked with the Get Up Kids and Coalesce, at his Black Lodge Recording Stud
Lewd Acts Leave Converge Tour Due to Inner Conflict
The 'Axe to Fall' tour is one of the most intense tours around this year, but the first casualty has been marked: Lewd Acts. The San Diego band has been a tucked away secret of noise and shunning of the metal shrieks of modern hardcore, not known to head out East and all all points surrounding -- so their slot as support for Converge has been highly anticipated...
Touche Amore Grateful Converge Took Them on Tour
When Touche Amore played Santos Party House in New York City on May 6, they couldn't stop talking about how much they appreciated that Converge took them out on the road. "The guy in the Sepultura shirt said I'm awesome! That rules!" frontman Jeremy Bolm exclaimed while grabbing and shaking the guy in the Sepultura T-shirt...
Touche Amore Impress at SXSW
It doesn't get more visceral than Touche Amore, a band this writer was lucky enough to catch at South by Southwest last week. The Los Angeles act traffics in pure, unbridled chaos, encased in moshy noise. Who says L.A. has no 'core? Touche Amore blow that theory to hell and back, as they play fast, soaked in sweat and spewing spit...