It doesn't get more visceral than Touche Amore, a band this writer was lucky enough to catch at South by Southwest last week. The Los Angeles act traffics in pure, unbridled chaos, encased in moshy noise. Who says L.A. has no 'core? Touche Amore blow that theory to hell and back, as they play fast, soaked in sweat and spewing spit. It's like surviving a mugging attempt; it'll knock the wind out of you and shake you to your very bones.

They enjoyed a quick set at Plush. What struck me most was the part of the set where the singer was wailing over a simple chord, his Adam's Apple popping out of his throat, as he sung, "It'll be better if you keep your distance," with the crowd's collective voice ascending to meet his as he threw himself on top of the crowd, OG-mosh style. It was immediate, intimate and intriguing. I want to know more and see more.

There are rumors that the band will be signing with Deathwish, which appears to be a good fit, both sonically and aesthetically. So Angelinos, find out when Touche Amore are playing in your hood and support your local boys. The rest of you? Do yourself the favor and check 'em out.