Instrumental post-rock band This Will Destroy You are currently entering the studio to record a new full-length album, which will be titled 'Tunnel Blanket.' After forming in 2005 in San Marcos, Texas, the group released an EP and have been churning out a steady amount of releases on Magic Bullet, which has recently put out recordings from Lymbyc System, Romance of Young Tigers and Golden City.

Compared, at times, to Explosions in the Sky, This Will Destroy You have a heavier sound that is best experienced with their live sets, featuring human hammers on guitar, bass and drums. The album will be engineered and produced by John Congleton of Explosions In the Sky, and it's expected to be released sometime in mid-2010.

In addition to this news, the band announced the addition of drummer Alex Bhore, formerly of the New Frontiers, to their lineup, but has not specified the departure of Andrew Miller. Given their heavy percussion, it's possibly that they may incorporate two drummers as they head in to the studio in early February.

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