Gloominous Doom

Do you think you have what it takes to front a ska-thrash metal band? Unless you can drink out of your prosthetic leg, put an illustration of said action on your debut record cover, hit a cowbell in beat with your ska-thrash band and proudly praise PBR as much as the guys in the Gloominous Doom, I don't think you're cut out for the frontman job. That is what I learned when Gloominous played New York's Lit Lounge on May 10 with Pyrrhon and the Binary Code.

"Does anyone have an extra guitar strap? 'Cause mine just ripped in half," guitarist Bone asked the crowd. "I used my pocket knife to cut my girlfriend's tits off, the same one I just used to rip my guitar strap in half," he later added when he was introducing the next song. He was definitely joking about the latter, but we hope he was joking about the first part, too.

The Lit Lounge show was the last of a string of tour dates the band pursued with New Jersey tech metallers the Binary Code. With their ska and funk jam breakdowns, it makes sense that the Gloominous Doom have shared stages with Gwar. Before closing their set with a cover of 'Breaking the Law,' they made sure to inform us that we can watch the official music video for 'Portal Potty.'

Be sure to check out 'The Feature,' it's the one with the big green logo and guy drinking out of his leg.

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