The Binary Code are always evolving. The New Jersey band started out touring with the Red Chord and Between the Buried and Me and have worked with notable, prolific producers like Hate Eternal's Erik Rutan and Today Is the Day's Steve Austin. The band has just released the 'Priest' EP, and Noisecreep is pleased to premiere the track, which has a corresponding and hilarious Nintendo version.

"I'm so excited to get the new EP out finally! We feel we're starting to come out of our shell now, and the songs on the new EP definitely help us show that," guitarist Jesse Zuretti told Noisecreep. "These songs definitely represent where we were on tour in January with Revocation -- and definitely show where we're going in the future."

Listen to 'Priest'

He also said that the EP's title track "is our strongest song, thematically speaking. The lyrics touch on the significance of religion in society, as well as the need for humans to try finding their own guidance in life." The title is not a reference to the much beleaguered church role/position, however. It celebrates one's self-governance.

"The priest aspect of the song pushes the idea that we need to be our own priests and look to ourselves for our own guidance and morals," Zuretti revealed. "Humans are weak beings. Without something as powerful as religion, there's no telling what state we'd be in, considering how pathetic we can be thinking some 'thing' or 'one' can punish us purely based on what we're thinking."

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