Noisecreep has been sitting on the Binary Code's cover of Stone Temple Pilots' smash hit 'Wicked Garden' for a few months now. We are excited to finally share it with you. The song is surprisingly loyal and finds this mathy, progressive death metal band trying their hand at being a bit more straightforward without blunting the edge. The cover also features former Periphery vocalist Chris Barretto singing.

Guitarist Jesse Zuretti went into great detail with Noisecreep about the genesis and evolution of the cover, saying, "Stone Temple Pilots are just as important, if not more important, than most of my metal influences when writing music. The chord vocabulary Dean DeLeo built with each album they put out blows my mind. More than any flashy, 32nd-note, legato-filled, eight-string guitar solo I've ever listened to."

Listen to 'Wicked Garden'

Beyond all that technical mumbo jumbo -- and we mean that in the most loving way -- Zuretti loves the song and that's why he decided to give it The Binary Code treatment. "'Wicked Garden' is one of my favorite songs by STP," he said. "We were originally supposed to be a part of a Stone Temple Pilots tribute album, oddly enough called 'Wicked Garden,' but we didn't have time to do the recording.

"We were going to do 'Sin' from the same album, 'Core.' I had been listening to STP a lot recently, more than I normally do (which is still very often), and I felt like that song had some really cool elements I feel I borrowed in my technique and styling. I wouldn't go as far as saying that we sound anything like Stone Temple Pilots, but in my mind, I'd like to say that we're trying to do the same thing as those guys back in the beginning of their career: trying to remove the boundaries from our music."

Barretto was chosen to sing on the song after he and Zuretti met when their bands played a show together. "We kept in touch and talked about working together some time in the future," Zuretti said. "When I recorded the song instrumentally, I had some time to figure out what to do vocal-wise. Chris was one of the first people I thought of to do the recording. I figured this was a perfect opportunity for us to work with one another. We got on the phone, planned out a day to get the vocals done, and sure enough, we finished up the final product a few days later. I definitely plan on doing a few more covers in the future, and I hope Chris will be a part of that."

Zuretti also revealed that he did 75 percent of the production work at home in his tiny studio. "I have the bare minimum studio just about any musician can put together -- $100 interface, torrented drum and recording software," he said. "Fortunately, the head I use live also has a direct recording output, Line 6 Vetta. The funny thing is, the setting I used to record the guitars with is the same setting I use live. I felt the tone was close enough."

Zuretti admitted that he has already started working on a cover of Soundgarden's once ubiquitous 'Black Hole Sun' and one of two Mudvayne tunes. "Either '(k)now f(orever)' or 'Nothing to Gein,'" the guitarist said about covering the 'Vayne. "I think it's important to revisit your roots at some point, to remind you where you gained your earliest inspiration to get involved with music to begin with. I'm just trying to pay homage to the bands that gave me the desire to play music, which is the best thing I ever chose to do with my life."

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