Stavros Giannapoulos of Chicago psychedelic sludge troupe the Atlas Moth is no stranger to the touring life, logging thousands of miles across the U.S. with his band at every opportunity and surviving the rigors of the road with positive attitude (and dapper facial hair) intact. A jack of many trades, Giannapoulos' most recent endeavor saw him wandering through the world of film and creating the most honest rock 'n' roll mini-documentary you'll see all year.

He explained, "I was given a video camera to document our time at SXSW since we were playing so many shows. It sounded like a fun idea to me so i gladly went ahead with it. Fast forward a few months, my friend Anna runs a gallery here in Chicago called Johalla Project, told me about this gallery they were putting together about being in a touring band. I mentioned I had this footage laying around and she convinced me to edit it together and submit it."

The Atlas Moth blazed their way across seven (seven!) stages at this past year's edition of SXSW and made their presence known in more ways than one -- whether it was headlining the uber-hyped Profound Lore/20 Buck Spin showcase or dirtying up stages with friends across the street. With a stellar Candlelight debut recently unleashed upon the masses and upcoming tour with Nachtmystium, Zoroaster and fellow SXSW alumni/repeat tourmates Dark Castle, the Atlas Moth are looking at yet another action-packed couple of months!

As far as the documentary goes, Giannopoulos did his best to capture the good, the bad, the ugly and the clueless on his hand-held camera, and struck pure black gold on more than one occasion.

"I didn't really know what to expect and what i got was an eight-minute clip that, I felt, summed up a pretty typical experience for a working band playing SXSW for their first time. I had a really good time filiming as well as editing it, it included a lot of friends of our in Zoroaster, Dark Castle, Gates of Slumber, Goatwhore, Kill the Client, Battlefields, Salome ... the list goes on forever. There are definitely some things that didnt make the cut as well as some things that probably shouldn't have made the cut but, all in all, everything in good fun. The clip will eventually make its way on to the interwebs soon," he promised.

You heard the man -- stay tuned and keeps your eyes peeled for 'The Art of Touring.'

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