The Atlas Moth have had a busy couple of years. Their Candlelight debut, 'A Glorified Piece of Blue Sky,' was recently released to an immensely positive response from press and doomheads alike, and the perpetually-moving quintet have notched quite a few high-profile tours under their belts since then, sharing dates with EyeHateGod, Harvey Milk, Coalesce and more. They recently announced a nationwide tour with fellow Chicago psych-fiends Nachtmystium, Atlanta doomhaulers Zoroaster and repeat tourmates Dark Castle. And now they're hard at work on a very special project. Deep below the floorboards of Atlas Moth World Headquarters (i.e. vocalist/guitarist Stavros Giannopoulos' house), the five men of the Moth have been up to no good. Giannopoulos gave Noisecreep the scoop on their upcoming covers EP.

"As far as the EP in concerned ... we have been writing a new record, we have a few songs almost done and a ton of ideas still to go through. With all the touring going on, it's been hard to focus on finishing it, and our eagerness to get in the studio has not subsided. So this was a fun way to get back to recording stuff. We're using this as pre-pre-production for our next album. We only had a radio in our van for a long time, so we would constantly be changing stations and hearing tracks that we would talk about covering," he explained. When asked about the track listing for this forthcoming beast, though, he was reluctant to spill the beans.

"I don't want to let the cat out of the bag quite yet, as we are still putting the finishing touches on it," Giannopoulos said. "And I don't think we are 100 percent committed to anything we recorded quite yet, but I will say that I think some of our choices people will be scratching their heads about but will ultimately make the connection between our band and these bands influence on us. There was a video from the session posted on our Youtube account, so that gives away one song!"

He went on to admit that "this was simply for fun, and we don't want this to be taken overly serious. We are all fans of covers, and I personally am a big fan of [Metallica's 'The $5.98 EP: Garage Days Re-Revisited'], so I am pretty stoked to get this out there for people to hear it. It's actually only going to be available via drop cards at the shows on the Nachtmystium tour in September. We haven't necessarily talked about playing anything live, but you can never rule something like that out."

In addition, the Atlas Moth have been hard at work bringing their first music video to life. Giannopoulos is definitely stoked about it, and was happy to share details.

"The video we are crossing our fingers will be done in time to include it with the EP. Our friend Daniel Cervantes asked if he could do an animation to a track off our record, and I was super curious to see what he came up with it. After seeing a 50-second clip, I was blown away. We are really excited to see a final product so he is hard at work making that happen for us. It's for 'One Amongst the Wheat Fields.' Either which way, it will be out in one form or another in the fall!"

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