The indomitable Stavros Giannopoulos, throat and axeslinger for Chicago psychedelic sludge fiends the Atlas Moth, was recently named in the Chicago Reader as the Best Mustache in a Local Band, a category one might suspect was creatd entirely with him in mind. A quote from the article describes his sweet 'stache as a "classic handlebar mustache, often waxed into neat curls at the ends, that makes him look like a medicine-show huckster flogging bottles of Hadacol out of a suitcase. Because he wears his hair short -- with a fresh cut, his style is a tad 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?' -- he could almost pass for the tenor in a heavily tattooed barbershop quartet."

He was also mentioned as part of the Best Metal Supergroup writeup for his work in Southern Lord black magic devotees Twilight, and it's hard to say which award he was more stoked about.

Giannopoulos chuckled as he told Noisecreep the story. "The Chicago reader thing was flattering and hilarious to say the least. I scoped the list late night at a bar but didn't catch either of those categories. Andrew called me like five times the next morning, and i finally rolled over and answered and he told me. It was pretty amusing to say the least. Although, I am unaware of any other metal supergroups in Chicago, I do agree, my 'stache f---ing owns for sure, and I am very proud of the work I did on the Twilight record, and it was great to be recognized for it!"

The man with the mustache went under the knife (well, razor) around the same time the Atlas Moth hit the road with Eyehategod last month and shaved the beast. Knowing Giannopoulos, though, the next follicular marvel is just around the corner.

"I have been thinking about future facial hair endeavors as boredom will undoubtedly set in. Although, considering Michael Jordan is rocking a Hitler stache right now ... how can one beat that? Clearly The Reader didn't catch that Hanes commercial!"

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