Rumplestiltskin Grinder

Philadelphia's Rumpelstiltskin Grinder are headed out on the road this week to lay waste to a handful of local venues in Philly and New Jersey. But that's not all the quizzically named, maniacally thrashy band is working on. "We've been materializing concepts that will lead to our next album," guitarist and vocalist Matt Moore told Noisecreep. "We are wrenching ourselves from the confines of sanity to harvest sounds from the nether. While manifesting these unhuman noises, we'll be doing more live dates as well."

The band has also recorded a song for an upcoming tribute to Swedish black metal band Dissection. Moore said, "We did 'Night's Blood,' one of the all-time greatest songs in existence. Check back in for more live dates and bring booze!"

The band's last album, 'Living for Death, Destroying the Rest' is out now via Relapse, and they just shot a video for 'Nothing Defeats the Skull.'