Always a band of their own design -- sure they get that post-metal tag from time to time -- but Red Sparowes have always done things in their own unique way with complicated construction of layers on top of each other, weaving into a pattern hard to forget; and not to mention uses of slide guitars. It's been four years since the Los Angeles-based instrumental band has had a full-length, but with one on the way in April, the band's first tease is by way of a video trailer.

Two years ago, Red Sparowes gave a slight precursor to the forthcoming 'The Fear is Excruciating, but Therein Lies the Answer' with an EP entitled 'Aphorisms.' That was the first recording the band did without Josh Graham, who left the band in 2008 to focus on his band A Storm of Light. Originally the band grew its fan base through vigorous touring, but since the departure of Graham the band has been focused on writing. This peek into the album promises the wait has been worth it.

The band promises something epic, which is what Red Sparowes have always been known for, by tackling themes like extinction and survival. This album seems to have the same ideals as even in conceptual beginnings were sparked by "existential pondering of truth, faith, order, causality and the innate demand for an understanding of the larger world around us." But despite those grand debatable topics, the band relays in a press release that this is not an album that can only be enjoyed in its full played form, stating, "The new album is song-centered, with the individual tracks harboring stronger independent identities.

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