Be afraid of the dark. Very afraid. At least you will be when you take a listen to 'What You Dream Of,' a new song by Crone, which features Isis bassist Jeff Caxide. Noisecreep is pleased to exclusively premiere the song from the band's new album 'Endless Midnight,' due out via Translation Loss on July 19th.

"This track is supposed to represent drifting off to into a pleasant dream state only to have a subtle dark element come creeping in," Caxide told Noisecreep. That's a feeling and an experience that any little kid who is convinced that monsters resides under his or her bed can relate to at one point or another. In Crone's case, the band effectively set that feeling of universal terror to music.

Listen to 'What You Dream Of' from Crone

Caxide worked on the song for several months and it went through many incarnations before finally morphing into what you can hear right here, right now. That's what we call a labor of love. Caxide said, "It was the first song I did on my own at home after coming back from recording in New York with my friend John LaMacchia. Seven months and nine drafts later, I think I got what I wanted."

Crone recorded 'Endless Midnight' in both Los Angeles and Brooklyn. The dual-coast recording yielded an eclectic, can't-miss album that features musical contributions from other members of the Isis family, such as Aaron Harris and Bryant Clifford Meyer, and as well as Candiria's John LaMacchia [Candiria]. Photo and design work was completed by Isis' Aaron Turner and Mammifer's Faith Coloccia.

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