A Storm of Light's exercise in artful metal, 'As the Valley of Death Becomes Us, Our Silver Memories Fade', is out today. Founded by Josh Graham and Domenic Seita in late 2007, A Storm of Light are only three-and-a-half years old but have already released three full-length albums. The band once fell into the post-rock category, but thanks to constantly evolving touring and recording lineups every tour and release has its own unique sound.

"Working [with many guest musicians] is a lot of fun and broadens our musical palettes," Graham told Noisecreep. "Guests have included Jarboe, Kim Thayil (Soundgarden), Carla Kihlstedt, Mathias Bossi, Pete Angevine, Joel Hamilton, Nerissa Campbell, Kris Force, Geoff Summers, Zohra Atash, Andy Rice, Marika Hughes, Aaron Lazar, Lydia Lunch, and Will Lindsay. And there will be more."

"Our sound has been evolving rather rapidly and we've found ourselves leaving post-rock behind and forging into new rock and metal territories. The new record brings out more of what we're listening to these days, which is a lot of old s--- including Pink Floyd ('Meddle'), Metallica ('Ride the Lightning'), Voivod ('Nothingface'), PJ Harvey ('To Bring You My Love'). Our new drummer Billy Graves has definitely added to his intensity and color to the mix."

'As the Valley of Death Becomes Us, Our Silver Memories Fade' contains a few surprises for fans, among them the song 'Leave No Wounds.'

"It started out more akin to 'Black Wolves,' but we thought the two were very similar," Graham said. "I stripped everything away except the vocals and wrote guitar to that. Domenic added new bass, and Billy added a crazy catchy drum line to the whole song. That song morphed over three totally different ideas and ultimately came out as something new for the band."

Lyrically, Graham says that there is a unifying theme on the record. "All of the lyrics in the record tie into a central theme, although it is sort mixed up in the sequence of the album. It's an introspective [look] into the content of our previous releases, wherein we were speaking about how humanity is slowly killing our planet. This record revolves around us admitting that we're just as bad as everyone else, and that no matter what we do, that we are also contributing to that harm. It is just human nature. You can try to deny it all you want but it is true of all of us. We are the virus."

A Storm of Light will tour the East Coast with Tombs in June. "We have some plans in the works for the West Coast," Graham said. "We will be touring Europe in October with Ghost Brigade and Intronaut. Hopefully a music video will also soon be in the works for this record as well."

As for Graham's famed love of multi-ethnic cooking, the singer says it's both creative and cost-effective. "It is one of the only things I do that never involves a computer, so that is pretty cool," he says. "It's also easier than I ever imagined, and a hell of a lot cheaper than eating out in NYC, which can be brutal."

Watch the video for 'Mass'

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