War of Ages

Strained relationships are a traditional premise when it comes time for metal band to write their lyrics, and there's no relationship that can affect someone's psychology more than the one we have with our parents. Leroy Hamp, vocalist for Erie Pa's War of Ages uses the relationship he had with his father to his advantage. He writes about his father on "'Generational Curse' from the latest album," Hamp told Noisecreep in an interview, "and the one [album] we just did right now, there's a song called 'Your Betrayal.'"

The latest album of which he speaks is 'Eternal,' which was preceded by 'Arise and Conquer,' both released on Facedown Records. Noisecreep caught up with Hamp at a hometown tour stop in February, and Hamp was willing to open up about the absence of his father's presence in his life. "There's been some new things that have happened recently and whanot," Hamp mentioned. "He'll be here tonight at the show. It'll be the first time I've seen him since Christmas or talked to him since Christmas. It's different, it's hard in a lot of different ways. I expect a lot, as a man, I expect a lot from other men in general, as far as leadership goes. I mean, he's trying."

Hamp said now that he is an adult, he is "more aware" of what is going on in his father's life and that the ball is in his father's court as far as reconciling "It's one of those things where I am definitely loving and willing to forgive, however, that's not that easy," Hamp admitted. "It's not like, 'Oh, I forgive you because I'm a Christian.' It's more like, 'You need to make steps in your life to I guess allow healing to take place in certain areas.' I mean, if you're going to continue to be an idiot, then I'm going to continue to not give you the time of day. It's one of those kinds of things."

'Eternal' is the War of Ages fourth album, and they are currently on tour with As I Lay Dying, Demon Hunter and Blessthefall.

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