On April 8th and 9th, Facedown Records held the 11th annual Facedown Fest at the Glass House in Pomona, California, bringing together fans of metal, hardcore, and punk rock with a positive spirit and a sense of unity.

Early attendees on Day One got a taste of Facedown's newer metalcore acts such as Messengers and Saving Grace, who gave fans a taste of youthful aggression, and HANDS, who showcased the progressive side of the label's sound.

A Plea For Purguing's thrashy metalcore sound got the crowd headbanging throughout their entire set. Frontman Amo Atkin's lighthearted jokes about his weight issues between songs lightened up the mood, making their set even more enjoyable, though no less musically brutal.

War of Ages made a big announcement about re-signing with Facedown Records, which helped raise the amount of excitement for the crowd. Frontman Leroy Hamp interacted with the audience, keeping them entertained and leaving very little room for dull moments.

Day Two featured more hardcore-oriented acts from the Facedown roster. Judging by the number of fest attendees wearing a For Today shirt, it became obvious that they were the most eagerly awaited band of the evening.

Earlier in the evening, Overcome returned to Facedown Fest in nine years. Despite a hint of unfamiliarity from the crowd, the audience slowly warmed up to their sound. A Hope For Home's sound was met with lukewarm responses from the crowd, perhaps unfamiliar with their post-hardcore sound.

For Today's energetic yet aggressive set the pace for much of the evening. The crowd sang along throughout their set while frontman Matty Montgomery expertly worked the room.

The Facedown Fest once again proved to be a success, built around dedicated fans that enthusiastically support the bands and the music they love.

Watch For Today perform live at Facedown Fest 2011

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