If you've taken even a quick look at the cover art for War of Ages' releases -- created by illustrator Dave Quiggle -- at their merch table, you might notice that they look very similar: same band logo and album title placement, same style of art, same theme of battles and soldiers. You might also assume that this is no accident -- and you would be correct. "I definitely threw [Dave] some ideas of warriors and what we're all about as War of Ages," vocalist Leroy Hamp told Noisecreep. "I just gave him the warrior aspect and how I wanted some battle scene, and stuff like that. And his vision for the artwork kind of was his own. The artwork has just followed that."

Hamp was speaking of 'Pride of the Wicked', the band's second full-length and the first album that had Quiggle's artwork in that style. Since then, the Eerie, Penn. band has released three more albums with this similar artistic pattern -- including the re-recording of their first album. Their latest, 'Eternal', reached the 197th position on the Billboard Top 200 charts, and Noisecreep premiered the video for 'Collapse,' their first for this release.

War of Ages' album art follows closely to the lyrical themes of the albums. To wit, "'Arise and Conquer' was just straight, balls-to-the-wall pissed" album lyrically, and "that's why you feel like you're slaying a dragon with a flag," Hamp said.

"['Eternal's'] album cover is a very close up face of a warrior that's just got blood, sweat, tired look, scars, helmet, battle gear, just real close up, real detailed," Hamp said of their new release. "Basically he's just looking forward at the next battle, the next fight, and even though he's tired he's like, 'What's next?' And that's kind of what this album deals with."

War of Ages are currently promoting 'Eternal' on tour with As I Lay Dying and Underoath.

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