Seattle's progressive-aggressive trio The Fall of Troy will deliver their latest, 'In the Unlikely Event,' via Equal Vision on October 6. Vocalist/keyboardist/guitarist/all-around multitasker Thomas Erak told Noisecreep that the album "should appeal to anyone that has heard our band before, and it will appeal to people that haven't heard our band before. It's a more mature record. There is more harmony within it."

Erak isn't simply referring to musical harmony. He's also making a thinly-veiled reference to the band's internal harmony and personal flow, since it's their first effort sans former bassist Tim Ward. Ward has been replaced by Frank Ene "This is our first full-length with Frank playing bass, as opposed to Tim, who is not in the band any longer," Erak said. "The overall vibe of the band is better now. If there is one thing wrong with a car's engine, it screws everything else up. We're now a finely tuned Lamborghini, as opposed to a junky old Ford Escort!"

Erak and drummer Andrew Forsman are on good terms with Ward now, but it took a minute to get there. "When it happened, it was very strange and very hard. It was difficult to see someone change and not care about something we worked so hard for," Erak said. "The album is a coming of age for us, and with Frank in the back pocket, he's a driving force."

Erak also contends that 'In the Unlikely Event' is real music, made by real people, without a lot of studio trickery and gadgetry – both of which have overtaken pop and rock music in the past few years. He said, "It has a lot of personality and it's organic. There are no vocoders and no auto-tuners. It's real rock 'n' roll. It's not computers." Nothing wrong with organic, forward-thinking rock and roll that eschews the over-usage of technology!

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