Maybe it's the result of being behind the drumkit for 16 years and not having much access to the microphone, but Satyricon's sticksmith, Frost, loves to talk. On this week's episode of ''Creep Show,' the black metal veteran is outspoken and verbose on a wide range of subjects, including the benefits of socialized medicine, the universal impact of AC/DC and why artists sometimes re-record old albums.

Joining Frost on the podcast were Noisecreep editor Seth Werkheiser, news columnist and writer Chris Harris, Revolver senior writer and freelancer Jon Wiederhorn and freelance writer Jen Guyre.

This week's news segment was filled with sadness and loss. The panel reflected on the passing of 3 Inches of Blood's original bassist Brian Redman and Candiria's founding guitarist Chris Puma, and talked about the recent heart attack of ex-Death guitarist Shannon Hamm. Less tragic, but also heath related was our discussion of Killswitch Engage frontman Howard Jones' battle with a troubling gallstone. And finally, we debated what could have led to the recent breakup between Biohazard frontman and adult film actor Evan Seinfeld and his porn-star wife Tera Patrick.

In our album report, we discussed Arch Enemy's new album of old songs re-recorded with current vocalist Angela Gossow, 'The Root of All Evil,' Horse the Band's wildly eclectic 'Desperate Living,' the Fall of Troy's emo-y prog disc 'In the Unlikely Event' and the Christian metal of Inhale Exhale's 'Bury me Alive.' Of the latter, Frost proclaimed in a hearty Norwegian accent, "I definitely like no Christian metal band -- not so much on principal, but the music of those bands suck."

That remark segued into an in-depth conversation with Frost about the rock n' roll influences in black metal, how the genre has been so badly misunderstood over the years and the darkness and desperation of Satyricon's latest album 'The Age of Nero,' which was recently re-released as a two-disc package. Frost also talked about Satyricon's plans to return to Norway at the end of the year to start working on the follow-up to 'Nero' and what it's like to write in a wooden shack in the woods.

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