Massive could be an understatement when it comes to the response to metal releases this past week. Coming in with the full reports as always, the good folks at Metal Insider reported some big debuts and numbers for new albums that dropped this past week. One of the biggest debuts clocked in at #7 for the rock ensemble Five Finger Death Punch, while the latest release of covers from Children of Bodom shifted 5,600 units. Following just behind that was Century Media's Despised Icon. These Canadians moved 3,000 units with their third full-length, while Finnish power metal act Sonata Arctica came in with a resounding 2,000 albums in first week sales. What should you be looking forward to this week in new releases? Noisecreep has the scoop for you.

Lita Ford -- 'Wicked Wonderland' -- JLRG Entertainment

With 14-15 years preparation, the seventh studio release from Lita Ford hits stores this week. Keeping it all in the family -- both literally and metaphorically speaking -- the new release was produced by her husband Jim Gillette, while Greg Hampton brings longtime fans a heavier taste of one of the first ladies of metal. Guys and gals, be sure to get your copy this week.

Download 'Wicked Wonderland'

Fall of Troy -- 'In the Unlikely Event' -- Equal Vision

The wait is over! Available this week is the fourth studio length release from the post-hardcore/mathcore trio the Fall Of Troy. Fueled by elements of rock, punk and metal, the band has come full circle with their own original sound. This is a must-buy for fans of Muse, the Mars Volta and even those unorthodox time-signature changes of Dillinger Escape Plan. So go pick up your copy in stores.

Download 'In the Unlikely Event'

Horse the Band -- 'Desperate Living' -- Vagrant

Typing this with my almighty Powerglove -- wow, I wish I still had one -- the fifth full-length from California's Horse the Band hits shelves. The So Cal band is noted for their unique sound of metal-meets-eight-bit-Nintendo, which had been deemed 'Nintendocore.' The newest album has not fallen far from the tree, and their use of guitars and synthesizer keeps the melodies light-hearted and heavy at just the right moments. Ironic? Somewhat, but if you want a better understanding of 'Desperate Living,' you'll just have to get your copy, and hear it for yourself.

Download 'Desperate Living'

Immortal -- 'All Shall Fall' -- Nuclear Blast

With nearly two decades of blackness under their belt, the legends in Immortal return. It's no doubt that their new release will spark the ears and ideas of aspiring black metal heads in the years to come. Having fine tuned their sound and appearance since their inception in the early '90s, the newest album has evolved to please both die-hard fans and attract new audiences. I'd be so bold to say that some may even think this is their best album to date.

Download 'All Shall Fall'

Inhale Exhale -- 'Bury Me Alive' -- Solid State

Without making any dramatic changes or trying to drastically reinvent their sound, the third studio release from Solid State's Inhale Exhale has certainly elevated the band to a whole new level -- while still hitting hard. Could it be possible that the contribution of producer Travis Wyrick (P.O.D) and the mixing skills of the iconic Devin Townsend have something to do with this? I'm sure they played their part, but the album as a whole hits in all the right spots for those heavy metal fans. But it also keeps harmonies and groove-laden riffs in focus as well. It's one more delightful release hitting stores this week, so check it out.

Download 'Bury Me Alive'

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