The Canadian music scene is a pretty intriguing beast. Whether you're banging your head to Woods of Ypres or choking down Alanis Morisette's jagged little pills, there's something for everyone in the Great White North. Heavy metal hell-raisers Cauldron are no exception.

The denim and leather-loving metal maniacs have entered Rogue Studios in their hometown of Toronto to begin recording their new album for Earache Records. Entitled 'Burning Fortune,' the new jam will be released in 2011 and comes hot on the heels of Cauldron's 2009 Earache debut, 'Chained to the Nite.'

Frontman Jason Decay revealed, "We finished up pre-production yesterday at the shit factory and now we're all packed up and ready to load into the Rogue Studios this morning a few blocks away, where we'll begin work on 'Burning Fortune'! It's about time, and the nice thing is that we're actually rehearsed for this album, so we're pretty excited to get this thing recorded and

out there. We'll also try to do a studio blog update thing to keep you posted on the album progress."

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