Cauldron Begin Recording New Album
The Canadian music scene is a pretty intriguing beast. Whether you're banging your head to Woods of Ypres or choking down Alanis Morisette's jagged little pills, there's something for everyone in the Great White North. Heavy metal hell-raisers Cauldron are no exception...
Cauldron to Appear on Hellbound Radio, List Tour Dates
Cauldron will be playing a string of Eastern Canada tour dates in early March. If you can't see Cauldron live, catch them on Hellbound Radio this Sunday, Feb. 28 at 9 PM ET. March 10 -- Ottawa, ON -- Maverick's March 11 -- Quebec City, QC -- Scanner Bistro March 12 -- Halifax, NS -- Gus' Pub March 13 -- Saint John, NB -- Sun Star Lounge March 14 -- Fredericton, NB -- Nicky Zee's March 15 -- Montr
Brutal Truth Call Cauldron a Great Heavy Metal Band
"This one is for all you German rockers. It's about making noise and drinking beer on the weekends. It's called 'Making Noise and Drinking Beeeeer!'" Cauldron vocalist and bassist Jason Decay said. Re-thrashers Cauldron were the first band up when Municipal Waste, Brutal Truth and Phobia played Gramercy Theater Dec...
Cauldron Guitarist Dislikes Boring Guitar Solos
Canadian trio Cauldron have been under the radar in America, but are set to blow with their recent round of touring and debut album, out on Earache. While many bands are reviving the '80s flare for classic thrash, Cauldron are going back to a time when the New Wave of British Heavy Metal reigned supreme...
White Noise: News on Alice In Chains, Poison The Well, Municipal Waste, Dethklok and More
Illegal downloading has hobbled the music industry over the last decade, and try as they might, labels and musicians have been unable to quell online leaks and file sharing. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right? Late last night, the publicists for Smashing Pumpkins issued a press release announcing that Billy Corgan, the band's sole remaining founding member, would be releasing a new album call