Brutal Truth

"This one is for all you German rockers. It's about making noise and drinking beer on the weekends. It's called 'Making Noise and Drinking Beeeeer!'" Cauldron vocalist and bassist Jason Decay said. Re-thrashers Cauldron were the first band up when Municipal Waste, Brutal Truth and Phobia played Gramercy Theater Dec. 9. It was a night filled with bands that were fun to watch, to say the least.

When Phobia frontman Shane MacLachlan announced 'Get Up and Kill,' he said it with such an evil rasp that the song motivated to kill. Well, the audience didn't exactly kill each other, but there was a lot of action in the pit. That counts, right? They brewed a similar craft of grind to the band that followed their set.

"Brutal Truth! Brutal Truth! Brutal Truth!" the crowd chanted when the grindcore veterans were on stage, making lots of noise. Frontman Kevin Sharp thanked them. And then he did something I've never seen a band do from stage.

Brutal Truth

"I'd like to say 'high five' to Cauldron," Sharp said before calling them a great heavy metal band. (The "say 'high five'" part is what I've never seen happen from a stage -- the camaraderie I'm used to.)

"Yeah right," a fan said. "Too f---ing right," Sharp replied.

Brutal Truth's 2009 release 'Evolution Through Revolution' is available now from Relapse Records And like Napalm Death, Brutal Truth get better with age.

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