We've been in the news business a long time. So we can tell you, without reservation, that, when it comes to the news, some days are just heavier than others. Today, my friends, is one of them ultra heavy days. Album news and notes, bus crashes, evictions, convenience store hold-ups... today's installment of White Noise has it all. This might pinch a little: it's your daily injection of all things metal, and it starts now.

+ What would you do if you walked into a convenience store in the middle of a robbery? Well, if you're Malevolent Creation guitarist Phil Fasciana, you don't get down on the floor, and kiss your a-- goodbye. Instead, you step in and try to thwart it. It all went down in Fasciana's hometown of Ft. Lauderdale on July 3, at around 3AM EST. Fasciana went into the store to grab a drink, only to find a man with a gun, who began pointing the weapon at him. "I nearly s--- myself, because the dude looked whacked out of his mind and fired four shots directly at me and I went down to the ground because I thought I was surely shot," Fasciana says. "After about 30 seconds, I realized I was not hit at all and the shooter thought I was dead or injured and started attacking the store worker when I snuck up behind the burglar," tackled him, "and started beating the s--- out of him." The robber lost his gun, and Fasciana claims he grabbed it. When the guy started reaching for a second weapon, "I fired two shots into his head, killing him instantly."

While White Noise was unable to find news reports about the incident, Fasciana stands by his story, and claims the shooting was captured by surveillance video. "Never in my life has anything so twisted happened to me before and I would like to forget it ever happened, but I had no other choice," he explains. "Needless to say, all charges have been dropped and the store owner has offered me a lifetime of chocolate milk." But Fasciana says he's no hero. "I could have easily just ran out of the store like a p---- after realizing I was not shot and left the store worker to most likely get killed, but I was so pissed I just wanted to beat the f--- out of that loser who just tried to end my life over nothing. Anyone in my situation may have done the same thing, but nobody knows when something like that could happen to yourself or how to react just like me." He expressed remorse over taking someone else's life, and "I will have to live with that image in my head for the rest of my life."

+ Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor has been honored by members of New York's government for his efforts to raise money for Eric De La Cruz, a Nevada man who had no medical insurance but needed a heart transplant. New York Senator Charles Schumer and Governor David Patterson wrote a letter and proclamation thanking Reznor for his work on the campaign, which raised almost a million dollars for De La Cruz. Unfortunately, De La Cruz passed away on July 4.

+ Slipknot's 1999 self-titled album will be reissued on September 9, to mark the release's 10th anniversary. No additional details on the release have been announced yet, but you can probably expect it to contain at least some previously unreleased bonus goodies.

+ After cancelling its gig in Las Vegas, Nev. July 10, the reunited Limp Bizkit has announced its first U.S. gig in eight years. It's set for July 18 at the Pearl Concert Theater at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, and admission will be free to the show.

+ Former Light This City vocalist Laura Nichol has teamed up with former LTC drummer Ben Murray for a new project they're calling Heartsounds. The band's debut album, 'Until We Surrender,' hits stores August 25.

+ Devildriver's forthcoming album, 'Pray for Villains,' is now streaming in its entirety. The album will be in stores July 14, and boasts 13 tracks, including "Fate Stepped In," "Resurrection Blvd," and "Forgiveness Is A Six Gun."

+ Between the Buried and Me have titled their forthcoming album 'The Great Misdirect.' The disc has been scheduled for an October 27 release, and will feature six new tracks, including "Obfuscation," "Disease, Injury, Madness," and "Fossil Genera - A Feed from Cloud Mountain."

+ Cauldron frontman Jason Decay recently relayed a story that ultimately ends with him being evicted. According to Decay, he's been the target of numerous noise complaints by one of his neighbors, who "makes more noise than me." One night, Decay's neighbor was blasting Metallica's symphonic release, 'S&M,' at 2 a.m., so Decay "went down to confront him about it with a copy of 'Kill 'Em All,' explaining that if he's got to crank Metallica at 2 a.m., they have more than that symphony s---. Well, he took my presentation of 'Kill 'Em All' as an insult and it resulted in a heated argument that ended with him running back into his place and slamming the door. I then smashed his door with a hockey stick. I just received a written notice from the landlord saying I have to be out by the end of the month. Fine with me!"

+ Poison frontman Bret Michaels' tour bus was involved in a crash over the weekend, as the rocker was on his way to Minnesota. The multi-vehicle accident happened in Canada, after a car lost control and slid into the side of Bret's tour bus, causing a five-car pile-up on the roadway. Luckily, Michaels was not injured in the mishap.

+ Korn guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer says the band is working on new material, possibly for two records. "We're just really compiling a bunch of material," he says. "We're just writing in a small room. We did some of it in Hollywood in a room about the size of a one-car garage. We're recording in bits and pieces. Once we get back home, we're going to put them together where they make a little more sense. My goal is to get the one best record. We usually write a lot of material and just choose the best of it. There's usually enough to make two records."

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