CastevetNew York's Castevet dipped their black metal into a bit of Discordance Axis' grindcore. With seven intense tracks, their debut record, 'Mounds of Ash,' is a disturbing beast. Everything about the album -- which becomes available May 25 via Profound Lore (Yob, Portal, Ludicra, etc) -- is haunting, but not in the typical way that much metal music wants to scare you.

"The cover photo for 'Mounds of Ash' was already chosen before going into the studio. So, our main goal was really to suggest the profundity of the photograph in the final mix. Recreate the photo's sense of depth harmonically and atmospherically; emulate the foreground by defining specific rhythmic ideas, etc.," drummer Ian Jacyszyn told Noisecreep.

"Our songwriting process usually results in serious ear fatigue, so incorporating a new sensory element into the decision-making process really helped the motivation," he added. Colin Marston of the 1,000 Caves of Menegroth studio recorded the album. Jacyszyn said Marston understood Castevet's points of reference because of his knowledge in experimental music.

"[Marston]'s always alert and in top form, which really helps with the flow of spontaneous ideas," Jacyszyn said.

Jacyszyn and guitarist Andrew Hock -- who met in college -- based the title, lyrics and overall theme of the album on the historic Italian volcano Mount Vesuvius. However, the band does not intend on publishing its lyrics.

Jacyszyn also works behind the kit for New York-based grindcore band Compremesis, while bassist Josh Scott plays in Defeatist.

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