If you always follow directions accordingly, this is not for you. If you always match your T-shirt with your sneakers, this is not for you. If you only dwell in one scene, this is not for you. Assuming you are a metalhead, you're used to being an outsider. So, this is probably for you. This is really extreme music.

A night of ultimately loud, unconventional metal that included Castevet, Mick Barr (Krallice, Ocrilim, Orthrelm) and Gnaw (which includes ex-Khanate member Alan Dubin) began with a band called Period. If you tread the fine waters of avant-metal, you might fancy the experimental music project that includes Charlie Looker of Extra Life, Mike Pride of Dynamite Club, alto saxophonist Darius Jones and vocalist Chuck Bettis.

Period make the opposite of what most people consider metal. Except at the same time, the speed, musicianship and anger are still present. When the band played the Show No Mercy showcase at Public Assembly on Sept. 6, the room of what could have been 20-30 people stood as far from the stage as they could. This left about a five-foot gap in between the audience and the band, making space for the vertical sounds they created.

Misery-soaked vocals stretched out beneath discordant layers of sax, alienated guitar and oddly-crashed cymbals with spurts of raging fills. Period builds a craft similar to Normal Love, who will be playing Maze Fest in Brooklyn with Extra Life on Sept.12.

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