Killer Lyrics: Choking on life's blood / Sucked down into a rapid decline / Holding breath / Lungs burning / No respite

In true grindcore fashion, New York City's Defeatist keeps it short and violent on their first full-length proper for Willowtip Records, 'Sixth Extinction.' The first track, 'Heresy Delusion' is no exception, although guitarist and vocalist Aaron Nichols is quick to point out the bare meaning laid out in their lyrics. "Nothing really to say about any of our songs," Nichols told Noisecreep. "No single track really stands out from any others as they all work as a whole from a similar theme. I still haven't figured out what the entire work will say when it's finished."

Nichols humbly noted that the band was thematically "pretty boring," but he did provide some song notes that seem to speak otherwise, in addition to shedding some light on the lyrics.

"You think you are 'subverting the system,' but you are the system. Futile antics that never produce any results, it's all an ego trip. You are pulled under, drowning, suffocating every day. You give up hope of making any change hoping someday you will find some relief but it never comes. Give up your ideals, it was all a sham."

Defeatist have select dates scheduled in March to support 'Sixth Extinction'.

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