The sludge and the swagger known as Big Business are hitting the road again; they've got a new album coming out called 'Mind The Drift' on May 12 via Hydrahead Records, and in an exclusive interview with Noisecreep drummer Coady Willis called the album "the most ambitious thing we have tried yet." For those not in the loop, Big Business is no longer a two-some of just drums and bass. Toshi Kasai has been added on guitar and keyboard. 'Mind The Drift' is the first full length that Big Business has shown off this new three-man stoner-esque heaviness for the masses.

On the burning and itching question of what kind of set list to expect Coady says, "It will be a mix. We'll play a lot of songs off the new album but we're actually going to be playing some songs from the first record that we haven't played in years and years, or probably since our first tour. And we're going to try and throw in a few things we have only done once or twice."

Hitting the road this time with Big Business will be the bass heavy Tweak Bird, a band Big Business has shared the stage with before. When asked why he was a fan of Tweak Bird Coady went back to the first time he ever saw them, "The thing that got me was the vocals. It's really amazing how they harmonize on everything, when they choose to sing and not to sing."

The sad news, however, is that there will not be a new tour-only EP to pick up at the shows. But there is something much greater and unexpected available. "We have a 12" vinyl remix of two of the new songs off the new record but done fully electronic. Electric drums and everything." Coady explains the details. "We recorded the songs completely all electronic. I actually used my iPhone to do all the drum tracks. We recorded the whole thing in Toshi's apartment."

The shows will be loud. Blistering bar shaking loud. "Toshi just got a whole new amp rig set up that sounds f*cking awesome," Cody says with an excitement normally reserved for fans, "I'm really excited to hit the road with that. For the last few tours we were borrowing Dale Crover's (Melvins) little combo amp. It's good now that he's been in the band a couple of years that he has his own amps. It's kind of a milestone for us."

The tour runs from April 22' til June 2. Big Business will have classy smiles to dish out for those that come.

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