Tweak Bird

You won't need a Bud Lite in order to catch a buzz if you rock Tweak Bird's 'A Sun/Ahh Ahh.' The song, from the band's self-titled debut, offers its own natural buzz, so after two or three listens, you'll feel like you tossed back a few cold ones as your fingers tingle and legs wobble. It's a quirky, percussive number for sure, one that can elevate or enhance your state of mind, without being psychedelic rock. Tweak Bird, featuring two brothers from Southern Illinois who traffic in prog and stoner rock, melding a little Melvins with a little bit of Tool.

"'A Sun/Ahh Ahh' is a two-part pop up/mellow down tune about the solar power grand scheme," Tweak Bird guitarist Caleb Bird told Noisecreep. "This is one of our favorite tracks on the new record. We wrote the song in the basement of a punk house called Lost Cross in Carbondale, Ill., [drummer] Ashton's current place of residence and the home town we grew up in. Our friend and local woodwindsman, John McCowen, added the saxophone bit on it later on. This first half of this song puts us in a real nice space groove and is a perfect set up for the sax/vocal bit in the second half. It's one of the more mid-tempo songs on the record that keeps the transitions fluid."

'Tweak Bird' will be released by Volcom Entertainment.

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