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2010 has been a great year for metal videos, crying out for a best-of list. Fan-made brutality, animation, space travel -- 2010's had it all. But it's so easy to miss a video in the myriad of premieres, so out of hope that nothing gets left out, we here at Noisecreep offer up our best of the best metal videos so far this year. Far from an easy task to compile, there surely have been some missed glories. However, these are the videos that have to be seen at least once -- or a couple times.

10. 'Endless Teeth,' Genghis Tron

We kick off our 2010 metal videos list with a fan-made video. These videos are the best -- labels love them because they are essentially free promotion. And, well, let's face it, oftentimes they take the visuals farther than what most bands and managers would sign off on. 'Endless Teeth' is from Genghis Tron's '08 album 'Board Up the House.' And though the song's spastic cacophony probably wasn't intended to display a story of a rabbit gone monster, it's going to from now on.

9. 'Odyssey,' Zoroaster

Truly a sludge and doom beast of their own design, Atlanta's Zoroaster have always used effects in their live show, birthing a stumbling moment of haze and sensory overload. Under the direction of Chad Rullman, that live show has finally been captured on film.


8. 'Save Me,' Killswitch Engage

Sickness? Issues at home? Rumors plagued Killswitch Engage when frontman Howard Jones stepped down during a headlining US tour for unknown reasons. Always a band to go for the joke, the metalcore giants went claymation and offered up the absent leader to alien abduction.

7. 'Deathbed Atheist,' Norma Jean

There has always been a twitching panic in Norma Jean's sound. This video from their 'Meridional' album has all the imagery the Georgia band has trod before: a big book, bugs, mirrors and hands prepared to claw. This video is simple, yet ready to split your head in two.

6. 'The Drift,' Big Business

It takes a lot to make an entire video around an album cover, but it's even harder when you have one based around Big Business bassist/vocalist Jared Warren's odd collection of linen postcards. This is the band's first metal video, and clearly a best of 2010.

5. 'Rocket Skates,' Deftones

More of a statement than anything groundbreaking visually, 'Rocket Skates' fully announced that the Deftones of old were back. Bright lights, band performing in a cleared space and long-legged sex appeal: It's like 'Around the Fur' redux.

4. 'Left of Center,' Serj Tankian

In 'Left of Center,' the world is pushed up a hill, only to fall back down. The political and social messages are undeniable in this metal video off of Serj Tankian's 'Imperfect Harmonies' album. But thanks to a video of holograms, claymation and a diamond eye overseeing the mess below, the message isn't disjointed or hard to find.


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3. 'Alas, Lord is Upon Me,' Behemoth

Before the news of Behemoth frontman Adam 'Nergal' Darksi's struggling health, we had this video of heathen metal to chew on. No CGI for this blackened epic: When the opening shot is a pope's buried head exposed in the dirt, being watered like a houseplant, you know some violence is right around the corner.

2. 'The Space in Between,' How to Destroy Angels

What a bloody mess has been left in this hotel room. Trent Reznor and wife Mariqueen Maandig just lay on the floor bleeding to death while Maandig sings a haunting song in this How to Destroy Angels video. As the rule goes, leave no evidence behind -- so they're set on fire. This is how you debut a band.

1. 'Tres Brujas,' the Sword

The Texas outfit calls its newest album, 'Warp Riders,' a "psychedelic space opera," but for the Sword's first metal video -- and No.1 on our 2010 list -- they just followed the home state mantra of making sure everything is bigger. This might be the holy grail of lovin' sci-fi and being stoned to the bone.

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