Becoming the Archetype have announced a summer tour with Before There Was Rosalyn. But while that tour is still several months away, guitarist/keyboardist Seth Hecox caught up with Noisecreep about all the band's goings on. And there are quite a few of them, including beard-growing superpowers, a new album with an impossibly long, word-soup title and a stop in South Africa.

"Well, BTA recently gained additional superpowers," Hecox told Noisecreep. "Not the U.S.S.R. of course, as we're not in the '80s, after all. I mean superpowers like [vocalist] Jason's ability to now grow a beard in only 10 minutes or [drummer] Duck's ability to style his dreadlocks to resemble any living mammal [that's] not extinct." Besides these we-wish-we-had-'em superpowers they've stumbled upon, the band is writing a new album, which will be their fourth longplayer for Solid State Records.

"It's tentatively titled 'In a Monstrous World of Half-Human Deities, Some People Will Unfortunately Die From Old Age,'" Hecox revealed. "Of course, we'll have to reduce that title quite a bit or just change it completely, but it's nice to have some sort of direction in mind, right? We would love to give hints out about the direction of our new album, but I am strictly forbidden to tell you that we're working on a 15-minute song or that we may or may not have another hymn or three ready for this new album, since people tended to like 'How Great Thou Art.'"

Hints be damned! While the band works on music, there are plenty of tours are in the works. "We're planning massive, extensive, sprawling tours that cover multiple states and take up weeks of time," Hecox said. "I know what you're thinking: 'That's absurd.' And you're right. It is. No one should ever tour anywhere at any time. That's just a fact of life. However, your Archetype boys are so loving of the fans that we are throwing caution and good judgment to the wind, a disturbing habit that's been developing recently.

"In 2010, our plan is to hit every U.S. state that contains over 10 people and even go to South Africa! That's right, South Africa will be hosting the World Cup as well as the BTA Lion Domination Tour -- an unofficial but probably eventual official title! Now how cool is that? I'll answer my own question: very, very cool. Also, we'll be traveling with the rad dudes in Before There Was Rosalyn around the Midwest in July. Actually there are dates popping up everywhere and the only way to be sure you're the most-informed BTA fan is to check our MySpace every 15 minutes."

Now, do as your told!