Noisecreep is thrilled to premiere 'Path of the Beam,' a track from Becoming the Archetype's new album 'Celestial Completion.' The song's beat and rhythms are incredibly militaristic, but the song also exudes a semi-gothic European atmosphere, thanks to a precise use of synthesizers. Overall, it's a robust, hulking song that should puncture more than a few ear drums.

"'Path of the Beam' is one of our more diverse metal tracks," BtA guitarist Seth Hecox recently told Noisecreep. "We've got extremely diverse tracks on this record, trust me, but if you're just talking about our full-on metal songs, 'Path of the Beam' features several different aspects of what BtA do well. We've got two good sections of singing in the song, with the rest of the vocals being Jason's signature lion's roar."

Listen to 'Path of the Beam'

Apparently, the music for the song was penned entirely by Becoming the Archetype's brand new guitarist Daniel Gailey, who seems to be making his mark on the band from the get-go.

Vocalist Jason Wisdom wrote all the lyrics, as he does for every BtA song. The words are representative of the over-arching lyrical concept of 'Celestial Completion.' Hecox claims the album "revolves mainly around light, completion, and transcendence. Our picture on the back of the album is a shot of us levitating. Yes, that took a lot of practice to pull off." Wisdom has also said that this song 'is about riding a motorcycle in space.'"