If you are a fan of animated adult fare like 'Metalocalypse' or 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force,' then wait 'til you get a load of Becoming the Archetype's video for 'Breathing Light,' which Noisecreep is exclusively premiering today. The video follows in that tradition and boasts cartoon versions of the band members wearing animal skins as sheaths, as well as animated ships, space, planets and a colorless earth. It's like a graphic novel come to life. The avatars of BTA are incredibly lifelike, right down to their ear stretchers. However, they run into an anti-beard tyrant and that makes all the difference.

"I'm a big comic book fan and graphic novel fan and I've always loved shows like 'Metalocalypse' and 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force,'" guitarist Seth Hecox told Noisecreep. "This video was a realization of all of those influences and the good times that ensue when experiencing any good art in the comic/graphic novel world."

Hecox continued, "David Prindle has been doing great animated videos for awhile and he really felt inspired by 'Breathing Light.' He and I worked together on the concept for the video for a few weeks before settling on all the details. For instance, the Evil Overlord can't have just any old name. A good 'bro' name like Todd was perfect, plus it allowed us to subtly reference 'Mom and Dad Save the World.'"

Clifton, the band's official mascot, also makes an appearance as well. "As our official mascot, Clifton the Beardskull battles the face of evil with his little-known ability to shoot lasers out of his eyes. While all of our (obviously realistic) muscled physiques were able to obliterate the minions of evil, we were no match for Lord Todd. So it's good we have Clifton on our side," Hecox said.

Watch 'Breathing Light' from Becoming the Archetype

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So what's with the video's overall theme of beard discrimination? Oh the horror! Hecox, who often provides his baseball picks to Noisecreep, revealed that a certain MLB team and its rules factors into this concept. He said, "It seemed obvious that in a dystopia of the future (present, get it?) that beards would be outlawed. My hatred of the New York Yankees is well-documented at Noisecreep and is it a coincidence that they have a team rule that disallows almost all forms of facial hair? Evil Empire indeed!"

Evil empire aside, Hecox said that the video was a fun experience. That translates in the final product, which is a super fun view. "We want viewers of our music videos to have a good time watching them, so we gladly go the extra mile in making them entertaining and fun to share with friends. Who knows what we've got up our sleeves for the next one?!," Hecox said.

Becoming the Archetype's 'Celestial Completion' is available now via Solid State.

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