It looks like Becoming the Archetype are offering up a bunch of surprises on their forthcoming new album, 'Celestial Completion.' "We've incorporated more things than a person can imagine on this record," guitarist Seth Hecox exclusively revealed to Noisecreep. "Of course the album is still heavy, but other than that, the sound is stretched as much as possible."

So what does Hecox mean by "stretched" exactly? Well, for starters, the Georgia-based, progressive death metal band has made effective use of a whole mess of atypical rock instruments on the songs.

"We have Dennis Culp of Five Iron Frenzy playing trombone on a ska section of track nine," he said. That's not all, though. "We have an epic Danny Elfman intro complete with operatic soprano vocals and four-part harmony. We have a track of just sitar and tambura and Tablas -- metal world, meet the East!" See what we mean by surprising. BTA are going all out and trying new things on 'Celestial Completion,' which is due out this March.

"We have a short bit of a mass in there as well, and that's not a sample; we performed it," Hecox continued. The oft-dreaded and heavily-criticized vocoder rears its head on the album, too. "We used a vocoder for three different sections on the album."

But hold your groans; it's not the annoying typical employment of this incredibly overused studio tool made famous in the hip-hop world. Hecox relayed that fans can get an idea of what direction they went in with the use of a vocoder, saying, "for reference, check out some of the vocoder used by Mastodon on 'Blood Mountain.'"

Hecox also hinted that there are major summer tour plans in the works, but would not give us the scoop just yet.

He's focusing on the here and now at the moment. Which means, as a football fan, he had to offer up his Super Bowl prediction, saying, "I'm not as knowledgeable about football as I am about baseball, but I've been staying up with the NFL pretty well this year. The Falcons are doing great, so of course I'm interested! My prediction is Patriots over Falcons in the Super Bowl. I can't imagine anyone beating New England this year, and the Falcons should be able to win all the NFC playoff games at home."