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There's no argument -- Agnostic Front are New York City hardcore legends. Their new album, 'My Life My Way,' is in stores now and in honor of the band's priceless contribution to the hardcore scene, Noisecreep polled frontman Roger Miret about his Top 10 hardcore and punk bands of all time.

Bad Brains
"In their glory years, were untouchable. They are one of the best and most influential hardcore bands that has ever been. It's a shame HR is not the same these days."Standout Track: 'Re-ignition'
The Clash
"Joe Strummer and the greatest band ever... need I say more?"Standout Track: 'Spanish Bombs'
Minor Threat
"Ian MacKaye and Minor Threat started the whole straight edge movement. Bands still, to this day, copy their every move."Standout Track: 'Filler'
The Ramones
"This was the first punk band ever. And they were from NYC -- that's were it started! Joeywas a friend and the nicest guy you could ever met. May he rest in peace."Standout Track: 'Rockaway Beach'
"There are still one of my all-time favorite hardcore punk bands ever! Springa was one of the most explosive frontmen to ever grace a stage. The band as a whole was a big influence for Agnostic Front."Standout Track: 'Boiling Point'
Rob Harvilla
Sham 69
"Now these boys just stomped the boots right, really uniting the scene, which inspired me to do the same. They went on to inspire great bands like Last Resort and the Business and Agnostic Front!"Standout Track: 'Borstal Breakout'
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Urban Waste
"Kenny Waste and my NYC heroes! Urban Waste was always my favorite NYHC band. Their songs were truly rebellious, not fashionable or trendy."Standout Track: 'Ignorant'
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The Business
"To this day, the Business are still making an impact on the punk and 'Oi! scenes. They also still tour and put out records. Mickey is the most entertaining front man in the world."Standout Track: 'Suburban Rebels'
Caroline Records
The Abused
"The Abused were another great NYHC straight edge band. I believe they were New York's first. I just always loved the positive mental attitude that the straight edge bands bought to the mostly negative, self- destructive scene we were in at the time."Standout Track: 'Drug Free Youth'
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The Last Resort
"The Last Resort were one of the top dogs of the 'oi!' scene in England. I still crank out their tunes. Roy is a real hooligan and one of the most honorable men I have ever met."Standout Track: 'My Retribution'
Roi Pearce