Sister Sin are currently playing on the Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock tour with In This Moment, System Divide, and Straight Line Stitch. Frontwoman Liv Jagrell recently told Noisecreep about some of her favorite women in hard rock and metal.

"When I started to play, there weren't many females. There was a band from Sweden called Drain STH. They were like my gods because they were girls and they played really heavy. Most of the bands with female singers were punk rock and I'm not so into that."

"Of course I loved Doro because she's like the only one pretty much in Europe. I'd have to say Doro and Drain STH. Then today I very much admire Arch Enemy. I sing, and she [Angela Gossow] doesn't sing the way I do. But I do admire her. She's so cool and awesome."

Jagrell has been lucky enough to share stages with some of the women rockers she admires. "We have played with both Arch Enemy and Doro. Actually the two guitarists in Arch Enemy are from my hometown. I grew up with them so I've known them since I was small."

On the Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock tour, Jagrell is in one of the four female-fronted bands on the bill. What does she think of the tour so far?

"I think it's awesome because I'm used to being the only girl with these guys," she said. "That's fun because they treat me very well. But it's fun to have some females around."

As Sister Sin's profile grows on the touring circuit, Jagrell is becoming a role model herself. "I feel there are a lot more females that don't only want be the groupies or fans. They want to play too. When I was starting there weren't so many [women in rock]. I had to force my best friends to join me in a band. My first band was all female. I feel there are many more girls now [playing in bands]. I'm happy for that."

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