New Jersey's Where the Ocean Meets the Sky's video for 'We Are But Instruments' reminds us more of a horror movie than a music video. The clip splices band performance shots with creepy black and white plot footage that will have you double-checking to make sure you've locked your doors.

The video's storyline features masked dudes in a van transporting a bound and gagged victim into the woods. The victim attempts to escape, but runs into black-clad masked men and an axe. Watch the video below to see a gruesome, off-camera ending to an ominous story.

Watch the video for 'We Are But Instruments'


Vocalist Blake Martin told Noisecreep that 'We Are But Instruments' is "a song about struggle. We wanted to show a very literal representation of that with the video through a horror movie-esque theme because we all love horror movies and slasher films. You have the man running from six masked men, trying to survive against insurmountable odds. The masked men represent the things that haunt us in life: stress, pain, struggle. The man being chased is you, is me, is everyone."

The band didn't have to look very far to cast the video. "The gentleman we hunted was our old merch guy and bassist for the band Carousel Kings, Kyle Salaga," Martin said. "He had to endure some punishment: we tied him up, threw him in our van, dragged him across grass, hit him with logs, and swung axes at him. He took a beating, but he took it all in stride."

While Salaga may have remained calm through the shoot, some bystanders watching the filming were more concerned. Martin revealed, "While we were filming the scene where we pulled him out of the van, an elderly couple pulled up to see if there was anything wrong. This happened a handful of times with various people from the area. I'm surprised they didn't call the cops. That would have been a bit of a problem as it's never easy to explain why you have a man tied up in the back of your van."

It's all for the sake of art, right?