August Burns Red have debuted the singe-worthy new song 'Empire' from their forthcoming 'Leveler' album.

It's the kind of boot-to-the-teeth metalcore that you've come to expect from the Pennsylvania band, with layered, screamy vocals and more moshable breakdowns than a psych ward. But this song isn't ABR recycling themselves; there's also a melodic singalong that is sure to become a live crowd pleaser when the band tours. 'Leveler' detonates on June 21st and you can listen to 'Empire' by going here.

"'Empire' is a pretty intense song and we feel it starts the album out with a bang," said guitarist/principal songwriter JB Brubaker in a statement. "My favorite part is the melodic section in the middle with the group singing. We've never done anything like that before and it makes the song special for me."

Brubaker insisted that 'Empire' is simply a taste of what's to come and that 'Leveler' will destroy with the force of a wrecking ball, saying, "Our tastes are always evolving as musicians and we've been motivated to progress as a band and push ABR in different directions, while maintaining the characteristics that made us the band we are in the first place."

'Leveler' will be out June 21st via Solid State Records.