International rock sensations Incubus are set to release their latest full-length, 'If Not Now, When?' on July 12th via Epic Records. When describing the band's new lush and dark sound, singer Brandon Boyd has used words like elegance, space, and restraint.

Until now, the new album's cover art has been kept strictly under wraps. To make the album cover reveal more fun for their fans, Incubus have decided to cut the art into six separate puzzle pieces which can be unlocked using special codes from select online music outlets. Today, Noisecreep readers get an exclusive first look at a piece of the album art for 'If Not Now, When?'

Noisecreep's unique puzzle piece code is:


To view Noisecreep's piece of the Incubus cover art puzzle, simply go to and type or paste the Noisecreep puzzle code into the appropriate puzzle piece.

To get the codes to unlock the other pieces of the 'If Not Now, When?' album art puzzle, just follow the web links on the right hand side of the puzzle page. Happy hunting!


- On, locate the gray box with the pink "+" signs, and the "For Clues" module to the right.

- Click one of the pink "+" signs so a small lightbox appears.

- Copy and paste Noisecreep's code (XX543) into that window.

- This will make ONE album cover puzzle piece appear.

- Once all 6 puzzle pieces are solved, you will be taken to the Puzzle Solution page where the entire album cover will be visible and downloadable.

Watch the video for 'Adolescents'

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